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What Makes Us Different?

Welcome to CrossFit Newry,  we are a class based Strength and Conditioning Gym based just outside Newry City.

Our style of training follows CrossFit Methodology of constantly varied high intensity across board time and modal domains. This means it is suitable for improving your all round health and fitness. We take elements of weight lifting, gymnastics and aerobic training and combine them to give you the best balance between strength, mobility, flexibility and endurance.

CrossFit Newry is a strength and conditioning facility that is focused for all levels of fitness and all ages. Along with the CrossFit programme we run other more specialized programmes in the gym. Please see our schedule page for a full list of all programmes we offer.

Is Crossfit suitable for you?

All CrossFit workouts are completely scaleable, which means you can increase or lower the intensity of each workout depending on your level of fitness. Quite often we have people who dont have much experience in fitness training go through our beginner programme and train along side competitive athletes. They all do the same workout but the intensity is changed depending on there ability

I discovered Crossfit when looking for a new competitive challenge and decided to try it at Crossfit Newry. A decision which I wouldn’t regret. A great group of athletes who are passionate about the sport and coaching staff who try their best to cater for everyone’s ability levels. Workouts are catered to you and are challenging to ensure you gain the results you desire. I have been training at Crossfit Newry for a year now and the results I have seen have been amazing. When I started I trained 2-3 days a week which has since changed to 5-6 days showing how addictive it can become. I have completed a lot of training sessions in a year and have very rarely repeated the same workout, keeping the sport interesting and varied. You will not find your typical gym attitude here, instead a place where everyone makes the effort to learn everyone else’s name and constantly encourages those around them. Whether your goal is to compete in a sport, get stronger, fitter or just to live a healthier lifestyle this is a great facility to help you achieve this.

Stephen Forbes – Current Member

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